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Independent evaluation of the matrix Standard

In mid 2014 the Department for Business Innovation and Skills commissioned an independent evaluation of the matrix Standard, the report outlines the many positives of the matrix Standard along with some points for consideration.

Wolf recommendations progress update

February 2015 final progress report on meeting the recommendations in Professor Wolf’s independent review of vocational education.

Work-based Learning and Lifelong Guidance Policies

This Concept Note discusses the relationship between lifelong guidance and work-based learning. While these are distinct activities, they are often advanced as approaches to answering similar broad policy challenges, such as developing a skilled and socially inclusive population, ensuring engagement with education and work, and helping people to progress and live happy and useful lives. This paper argues that lifelong guidance can be particularly useful in relation to work-based learning in three main ways: • Engagement. Increasing citizens’ understand- ing of work-based learning, the routes into it and the rewards of participation. • Achievement. Helping participants (learners, employers and learning providers) in work- based learning to remain engaged and consider how best to enhance their skills and employ- ability. • Transition. Assisting the effective utilisation of the skills developed within work-based learn- ing by supporting individuals in transitions from work-based learning programmes to sus- tainable employment.–Work-based-learning-and-lifelong-guidance-policies.pdf

Adult Education and Training in Europe: Widening Access to Learning Opportunities

This Eurydice report aims to provide insight into the field of adult education and training in Europe and support decision-making at policy level. While promoting an integrated approach to lifelong learning, the report emphasises policies and measures to ensure sufficient access to learning opportunities for adults whose skills and qualifications do not fully correspond to current labour market and societal requirements. In doing so, the report takes a broad perspective, considering and exploring a range of interlinked areas.

Inclusive support for women in enterprise: the Burt report

This report by the Ambassador for Women in Enterprise, Lorely Burt MP, considers how government can increase opportunities for women in business. It makes a number of recommendations aimed at boosting the number of female entrepreneurs, creating jobs and promoting a stronger, fairer economy.

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