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Quality Standard for information advice and guidance services

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The matrix Standard is the unique quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services, which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals

New Getting Started Workshop dates released

These have been designed to give clients the information they need to understand what is involved when beginning their matrix journey.

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Current Client Feedback

Comments and feedback from the knowledgeable assessor were very valuable in planning future improvements for our service. (College)

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The matrix Standard and Sole Traders

As part of the support to organisations emqc Limited, the accreditation body for the matrix Standard, has been working with ICG to support a group of sole traders and a small social enterprise to work towards the Standard.

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Self Assessment Tool

The self-assessment tool will provide you with a simple overview of how you currently fare against the requirements of the matrix Standard. The responses that you give will enable you to see clearly where you may have areas that you need to focus on & develop in order to achieve the matrix Standard.

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Accredited Organisations

The matrix Standard is a challenging, outcome based Standard that is not only a benchmark of the quality of the services an organisation provides, but a key business improvement tool. Visit this section to learn more about the current organisations who have benefitted from it.

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Cost Calculator

The cost calculator below will provide you with a guide of how much your matrix assessment may cost. Please note that this calculator does not take into account factors such as the complexity of your organisation that may impact on your assessment cost.

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Latest Accredited Organisations

Cohesion Legal Services Centre Ltde-achieve Ltd