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First Intuition is an award-winning professional education provider with expert tutors and exceptional pass rates, offering online and classroom courses. This is the first time they have achieved the matrix accreditation being assessed on the 2023 version of the Standard.

Ginny and the team wanted to highlight the quality of their advice and guidance after a comprehensive ofsted inspection, which resulted in an excellent grade. While they celebrated their achievement, they recognised the importance of showing the quality of their services not only to learners but also to employers and internally within the team.

“We were eager to find a tool that aligned with the values of our organisation and could effectively demonstrate the excellence we aimed to achieve”.

Interactions with other organisations within their network spoke highly of their experiences with the matrix Standard, and the positive feedback from trusted sources encouraged them to delve deeper into the new features of the Standard. The trust they had in the recommendations of external organisations further strengthened their confidence in the matrix Standard. In addition to peer recommendations, Ginny and the team conducted thorough research on the matrix Standard, focusing on its values and how they aligned with the organisation’s principles.

“The more we delved into this aspect, the clearer it became that the matrix Standard seamlessly aligned with our values, making it an appealing choice. Our organisation underwent a significant transformation marked by the strategic decision to adopt the matrix framework.”

What drew First Intuition into the Standard was its flexibility, an element that would allow them to showcase strengths and identify areas for development effectively. The guidance they received at the outset  was instrumental in solidifying their choice as it felt like a partnership from the initial planning stages.

“This dynamic reinforced the fact that it was a joint effort, a journey they were taking on together which benefited not just one department but the entire organisation.”

Ginny spoke about how they shared their success when achieving their accreditation.

“We shared success stories on social media platforms and highlighted the positive impact of the matrix Standard implementation, creating a sense of unity and pride among the staff. It was more than just a successful project; it was a shared achievement that resonated across the organisation.”

Positive feedback and quotes from stakeholders highlighted that their efforts were successful but also well-received by those directly impacted. This confirmation reinforced their belief that the matrix Standard was the right choice for First intuition and that their commitment to excellence was being recognised within and outside the organisation.

matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) standard for ensuring the delivery of high-quality information, advice and guidance (IAG)


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