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Evolve with MAX

Evolve with MAX shows a detail from ‘Metamorphosis’, an original bronze sculpture by Will Bishop that was commissioned exclusively for the matrix Standard. The Standard is about people doing their best and achieving their potential. Metamorphosis expresses these qualities, providing an artistic embodiment of the values of the Standard.

The matrix Standard is the international standard for information, advice, and guidance services.

Unleashing Potential

IAG supports recipients to unleash their potential. It's the magic ingredient that supports progression in employment, careers, and life!

Building self-confidence

IAG equips recipients with the self-confidence to appreciate the path they are on and to confidently make the the steps needed to turn the corner to a better place and be able do so again!

Making a Difference

At the heart of Standard you must understand the difference that you want to make to lives of each recipient and demonstrate the difference you have made.

Creating a Better Service

Understanding the difference you are making supports you to take an evidence based approach to make IAG better and fulfil the purpose of your IAG service.


Max, supports continuous learning, fostering adaptability, and enables individuals to embrace change, acquire new skills, and thrive in dynamic environments.

Expertise Development

Max, helps businesses to better the quality of their information exchange, deepening employee knowledge and expertise, allowing individuals to become subject matter experts and excel in their professional fields.

Growth Mindset

Evolving with Max, helps to cultivate a growth mindset, encouraging individuals to embrace challenges, learn from failures, and continually develop their potential.


Max, loves innovation. Through ongoing learning, individuals gain fresh perspectives, stay updated on emerging trends, and cultivate innovative thinking, driving progress and creativity in their personal and professional lives.

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Client Case Studies

See how the matrix Standard has helped other organisations.

matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) standard for ensuring the delivery of high-quality information, advice and guidance (IAG)


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