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3yr Assessment

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3yr Assessment

To maintain matrix accreditation, your organisation and its Information, Advice and Guidance services will have a Review every 3 years.

Continued accreditation with the matrix Standard provides national recognition of the quality of the service you deliver, as well as providing improvements and development ideas to support you in driving your business forward.​

Preparing for your 3-year Review Assessment​

As you prepare for your Review, consider the following areas.  Has there been developments in your organisation that your Assessor needs to be aware of?

Organisation Changes

  • Has your organisation significantly grown or declined since your last assessment?
  • Has your organisation and its service changed at all?
  • Have you had a restructure?
  • Have there been any changes in your key personnel?​

Feedback from your previous assessment

  • How did you address any Areas for Continuous Improvement suggested by your Assessor last time?
  • What improvements have you implemented?
  • Are the strengths identified by your Assessor still valid and have you built on them?​

You may wish to complete a Self-Assessment, to ensure there are no gaps in your evidence and consider any changes that have taken place within your organisation in the last 36 months.​

Applying For Your Review

If you are happy with your progress and are ready to book your assessment review, you can go straight to our Online Application Form.  Remember to note your accreditation date to ensure your preferred assessment dates take place before your accreditation ends.​

Allow 12 weeks for your preferred assessment dates, in order to give us sufficient time to work with you to plan your reassessment. Booking your assessment in advance (i.e. 3 months before your review date) means you can secure your Assessors’ availability.​

Please remember we cannot formally confirm and book your onsite dates until all fees are paid.​

If you have had major changes take place within your organisation since your last Continuous Improvement Check, and you are unsure how this impacts your accreditation, then please Contact Us or your Assessor for support.

Report Options

A report covering the key areas of the matrix Standard and providing strengths and development areas. This is suitable for most organisations.

Extended Report
(from £150 to £600 + VAT depending on the size of the organisation and its complexity)
A comprehensive report covering all elements of the matrix Standard and providing strengths and development areas. Suitable for reviewing IAG practice across a wide range of services to support governance and benchmarking or where there has been significant organisational change and further insight would be useful.

Your matrix assessor will be able to discuss the report options with you and you may change your decision.

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matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) standard for ensuring the delivery of high-quality information, advice and guidance (IAG)


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