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IAQF Welsh Govt. Framework

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IAQF Welsh Govt. Framework

Gain accreditation and an additional recognition to support a consistent approach to ensuring quality information and advice for the people of Wales.

  • Gain an overview of our matrix services and the IAQF for Wales options
  • Discuss possible next steps as an individual or for your organisation
  • Discuss the indicative costs involved

The matrix Standard is approved under the Welsh Governments Information Advice and Guidance Framework (IAQF). The matrix Standard itself is a Department for Education Standard for Information Advice and Guidance.

The IAQF Wales has been developed in response to the Welsh Government’s identification of the important role that information and advice services should play in supporting the delivery of two of its strategic goals:

  • Tackling poverty and promoting financial inclusion
  • Promoting equality and building cohesive communities

A matrix Accreditation in Wales is recognised by the Welsh Governments IAQF framework providing additional recognition and supporting the tendering for services.

Key benefits:

  • matrix Standard is competitively priced and widely recognised across the UK with over 1500 customers
  • matrix Accreditation in Wales can provide public recognition that your organisation meets the requirements of the Welsh Governments IAQF Information and Advice Quality Framework.
  • The matrix Standard helps identify and share best practice to create a prosperous, resilient and more equal Wales
  • It supports the public in identifying providers of choices
  • Supports continuous improvement in your organisation
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matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) standard for ensuring the delivery of high-quality information, advice and guidance (IAG)


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