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You can request an assessment at any time. It is your decision when you book your assessment - you can specify the week or month that you would prefer.  We recommend that you allow at least 12 weeks between booking your assessment and your preferred date.  This will ensure that your Registered matrix Assessor can accommodate your requested dates and that your invoice can be sent and paid.

Some organisations prefer to use our Advisory and/or support services that are available before applying, to ensure that they are as ready as possible for assessment. Other organisations decide to go straight for assessment and use the assessment as an initial benchmark to inform their developments and improvements.

Recommended steps to get started with the matrix Standard

  1. Download and read the Guidance Pack – which contains a detailed guidance specific to your sector.
  2. Complete the Self Assessment document by adding your evidence against each  criterion and make a judgment on how your organisation currently sits against the matrix Standard. This will help you identify any weaknesses and strengths within your evidence.
  3. If you wish to seek external support we have matrix Advisors based nationally, to check your evidence. See our Advisory Support page on the importance of choosing a trusted Adviser and the range of advisory service options available.
  4. Assessment fees –  See the Pricing Framework to view the estimated costs of your assessment. Our services are required to be paid in advance. Once your Assessor confirms the assessment fees, a sales invoice will be sent. Once your assessment fees are received your Assessor will contact you to formally agree to onsite dates. We recommend assessment fees be paid within 30 days of receiving your Sales Invoice in order to secure your assessment dates with your Assessor.
  5. Once you are ready for an assessment please complete the Online Booking Form with your preferred assessment dates. We recommend a minimum of 12 weeks notice to ensure we can meet your preferred assessment dates. You will receive an email confirmation that your booking has been received. Details of your Assessor will shortly follow and you will be contacted by your Assessor to agree to an assessment plan for your assessment visit.

Key terms used throughout the matrix Standard

The Organisation

This refers to the body which manages, administers and delivers the service and has applied for initial accreditation or accreditation review against the matrix Standard.

The Service

This is the information, advice, and/or guidance provided by the organisation to support individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.


This refers to people who access the service, whether they are employees of the organisation or external users of the service.

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