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Read more about our matrix Standard

Introduction: In a world where constant evolution and adaptation are key to success, organisations strive to provide the best support and guidance to their employees and stakeholders. As we entered 2023, a groundbreaking development had taken place in the field of quality management and continuous improvement. The revised matrix Standard has been launched, promising to set new benchmarks and reshape the way organisations approach their processes. Below are the key features and benefits of the matrix Standard and how it aligns with the needs of modern organisations.

Understanding the matrix Standard: The matrix Standard, originally introduced in 2002, has been widely recognised as a benchmark for excellence in delivering information, advice, and guidance (IAG) services. Its purpose is to assess and improve the quality of organisations that offer career guidance, employability support, and related services. The matrix Standard ensures that organisations have robust systems in place to meet the needs of their clients effectively.

Key Changes and Enhancements: The matrix Standard brings several notable changes and enhancements, reflecting the evolving landscape of work and career development.

Key Updates:

      • Emphasis on Digital Transformation: Acknowledging the rapid advancement of technology and its impact on the world of work, the revised matrix Standard places a significant emphasis on digital transformation. Organisations will be evaluated on their ability to provide innovative and up-to-date digital solutions that enhance the quality and accessibility of their services.
      • Inclusion and Diversity: Recognising the importance of inclusion and diversity in today’s society, the revised matrix Standard incorporates a stronger focus on organisations’ efforts to create inclusive environments and cater to the needs of diverse client groups. This includes assessing cultural competence, accessibility, and tailored support for individuals from different backgrounds.
      • Data-Driven Approach: The 2023 revision of the matrix Standard emphasises the value of data-driven decision-making. Organisations will be expected to demonstrate how they collect, analyse, and utilise data to continually improve their services. This approach enables organisations to make informed decisions, identify areas for growth, and ensure their services align with the evolving needs of clients.

Benefits of The matrix Standard: The matrix Standard offers numerous benefits to organisations and the clients they serve. Some of the key advantages include:

Conclusion: The launch of the matrix Standard marks a pivotal moment for organisations in their pursuit of excellence in delivering information, advice, and guidance services. The updated framework aligns with the evolving needs of modern society, emphasising digital transformation, inclusion, and data-driven decision-making. By embracing these changes and striving for certification, organisations can enhance their service quality, gain a competitive edge, and drive improved outcomes. As we move forward, the matrix Standard provides a clear roadmap for organisations to embrace the future and excel in the ever-changing landscape of career development and support.

matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) standard for ensuring the delivery of high-quality information, advice and guidance (IAG)


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