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The revisions to the matrix Standard are gathering pace

As you may be aware the Department for Educations matrix Standard is in its current form 10 years old and we are in the process of updating the Standard for a launch early next year.

We have completed the literature review to identify good practice, consulted with our advisory group and surveyed our customers.  Thank you to all of you who are supporting this process.  We have learnt that current Standard contains a lot of good practice which we can build upon, which will provide continuity.  We have a draft version of the Standard and following further consultation we will create the BETA version for piloting.   Between July and October this year we are looking for 18 organisations to pilot the revised version.  Following the evaluation of this pilot work we will make further changes and seek the approval of the Department of Education to launch the revised version.

Some of the key improvements we are working towards include:

  • A revised structure to better reflect the organisations journey and those you support
  • Easier navigation and less duplication
  • Modernisation of framework to reflect safeguarding, mental health, data protection etc.
  • Further emphasis on the values of the service to protect those involved
  • More focus on the delivery of the service leading to achievement of outcomes and impact
  • Easier mapping across to other frameworks such as the Gatsby Benchmarks and Ofsted

Interested in piloting the Revised Version of the matrix Standard?

If your assessment falls due between July and October and you would like to participate in the pilot please let Roger Chapman, Head of Service know between now and the end of July. You can only benefit from participation as you will be assessed against the current version and the revised one.  This won’t mean additional time as there is significant overlap between both versions.  It will mean that you get additional feedback against the criteria that are being added or changed.  This should give you a head start to prepare for the future and will provide us will any additional feedback to make further improvements before launch.  Participating in the piloting won’t cost any more than the current cost of assessment.

If you are interested in the pilot please email:


What to look out for over future months

During this time we plan to:

  • Complete the piloting and evaluate this
  • Publish the Literature Review which identifies good IAG Practice
  • Share the findings from the customer survey
  • Launch the Revised Standard
  • Provide options for additional support to prepare for the change

To reassure you once the revised matrix Standard is launched there will be a reasonable transition period during which time you will be able to choose whether to be assessed against what will be the previous version of the Standard or to embrace the new one.  This will provide a period of adjustment for those organisations that need to action plan and make improvements.  We also intend to evaluate the whole project to provide a legacy for the future.

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The Growth Company

The Growth Company is contracted by the Department for Education to administer and manage the matrix Standard starting on 11th January 2020.