How satisfied are you with the benefits your organisation gained from the assessment?

"Points came out for us to action within the college to continue to improve."

Private College

"Has refocused our improvement activity."

Training Provider

"We have been through a lot of change so this has helped staff see that positive progress has been made."

Local Authority Service

How satisfied are you with the benefits your information, advice & guidance service gained from the assessment?

"As a learning organisation, the matrix assessment is critical to us, for funding and demonstrating quality."

3rd Sector Organisation

"Our Assessor, has made some suggestions which are very useful and we look forward to discussing these further at our next staff-day."

Housing Association

"It demonstrated the effectiveness of the QA process in place and clearly highlighted how we can improve IAG further still, with concrete recommendations to focus on in key areas, within the next year."

Charitable Trust

What would you highlight as the best aspect of your assessment?

"Organisational and staff knowledge of IAG and processes surrounding this, tracking and reviewing mechanisms and sense of team."

Private College

"Confirmation that developments we have put in place as part of our continuous improvement initiatives are having the desired impact on staff and stakeholders. Great ideas for future developments."

Total People Ltd

"The professional, collaborative and supportive approach of our Assessor."

The Open University Academic Services

Finally, do you believe your assessment and the feedback you received provided was value for money?

"Yes – it is an expensive Standard for a small organisation but critical to have."

Training Provider

"Yes - I think the cost is a fair reflection of the Assessor's time on site/level of scrutiny necessary to mark against the criteria/detailed report produced."


"Yes - We all felt extremely happy with the two days process. I feel that the process undertaken by our Assessor, was meaningful, relevant and expertly managed."

I.V.S. Training and Assessment Ltd

How satisfied are you with your Assessor's rapport with people during interviews and throughout the assessment?

"The assessor built an excellent rapport with all those interviewed. He asked intersting and probing questions in a friendly non-threatening way and as a result individuals felt comfortable in sharing their views."

Total People

"A created excellent rapport with all people, staff and learners, they all felt listened to and he ensured that they were all at ease and not being cross examined. All our staff were impressed with his pragmatic approach."


If you viewed the matrixstandard.com website prior to booking your assessment, how satisfied are you with the information provided on the site?

"Easy to use and very good information explained fully."

Ctees Ltd

"Had the required information needed with the Standard guidance."

Babcock Training Ltd

"The webinar in particular was very useful."

Yorkshire Coast Homes - My Better Life


MK Dons Sports & Education Trust (SET)

Angie Novell, Director of Education at MK Dons Sports & Education Trust (SET) gain matrix accreditation.

MK Dons Sport and Education Trust (SET) is an independent charity helping to improve the lives and experiences of its local community.



Tomorrows People

Steve Swan, Business Director of Tomorrow’s People share his thoughts on the matrix Standard and the accreditation process.

Tomorrows People vision is to break the cycle of unemployment and dependency in deprived communities throughout the UK.  They transform lives by ‘re-skilling’ long-term unemployed people so that they can find and keep a job.


Rising Star

Angela Anderson, Managing Director of Rising Star (Zenith People) describes her expectations of the matrix assessment, benefits and their next steps.
Rising Star, sister brand of Zenith People, is a recruitment business totally focussed on helping young people find employment. Whatever your career aspirations and whatever your starting point, we’ll help you map out the steps you need to take to achieve your employment goals.


Cambridgeshire County Council

Lynsi Howard-Smith, Head of Service for Adult & Learning Skills at Cambridgeshire County Council explain their journey to matrix accreditation.

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