Preparing for Assessment

Ultimately it is up to you to choose when you wish to undertake your initial assessment against the matrix Standard, however for organisations that are currently accredited and wish to retain the Standard, a review assessment must be undertaken within 3 years of  the initial accreditation, and every 3 years there after.

You can request an assessment at any time. Ultimately it is your decision when you book your assessment and you can specify the week or month that you would prefer; however, we would ask that you leave at least 12 weeks between booking your assessment and your preferred week or month in order to ensure that your invoice can be sent and paid and your Registered matrix Assessor can accommodate your requested dates.

Some organisations prefer to use the Advisory and/or support services that are available before applying, to ensure that they are as ready as possible for assessment.

Other organisations decide to go straight for assessment and use the assessment as an initial benchmark to inform their developments and improvements.

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