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Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP) Summit 2022

The Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP) held their Summit 2022 conference on 9th June in the glorious Great Room at the Royal Society for Arts House in London. Alison Denholm, Head of Business Development – matrix Standard attended.

Key topics covered the challenges for the British labour market over the short to medium term, led by Mike Brewer, Deputy Chief Executive of The Resolution Foundation.

Mark Dawe, Chief Executive of The Skills Network talked about “Levelling Up” and do we really know what that looks like and how do we get there supported with sustainable employment through skills acquisition.

The ReAct Partnership shared their collaborative React Model to support continuous improvement in the Restart programme and Professor Christina Beatty FRSA raised the challenge for the levelling up agenda in left behind Britain with the real level of unemployment. Great debate and discussion from the panel members and questions from the audience.

The IEP work regionally as well as nationally if you are interested in attending future events or becoming a member or fellow.

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