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The matrix Standard: Guidance Notes Update September 2021

Achieving the Standard involves an agreed assessment process where the quality and delivery of information and advice is assessed against the matrix Standard’s four main elements: leadership and management; resources; service delivery; and continuous quality improvement.

Achievement of the matrix Standard is mandatory for colleges and some sixth form colleges in receipt of adult education budget (AEB) funding from ESFA, for organisations providing traineeships and for National Careers Service contractors and subcontractors. Other organisations, including employers, universities, charities and sole traders, achieve the matrix Standard on a voluntary basis, as they find the process, and the ongoing self- assessment tools, to be a helpful quality management tool.

Matrix accreditation is not mandatory for levy paying apprenticeship providers however the accreditation process may prove to be a valuable and meaningful exercise supporting best practice and continuous improvement. - Source: matrix Standard Guidance Notes Gov Website

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The Growth Company

The Growth Company is contracted by the Department for Education to administer and manage the matrix Standard starting on 11th January 2020.