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Completing the matrix Standard assessment remotely

As we continue to monitor the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have put in place a set of measures that will allow us to continue to work with your organisation in a way that suits you, your organisation and our network of matrix Standard Practitioners. 
One of our matrix Practitioners, Janet Lewis-Jones has completed four successful remote assessments - she shares her tips for a positive outcome: 
  1. Dropbox is helpful for organisations to be able to upload larger documents that they’d like to show their Practitioner 
  2. Using a video conferencing app that enables screen sharing is really useful because:
    1. we are able to point to sections in documents that you want to discuss in interviews (just like you might point to something if you were actually sat together e.g. data on a spreadsheet)
    2. during the feedback meeting, we are able to use the summary slides to go through strengths, weaknesses and areas for development. 
  3. We have found it has been beneficial to do the feedback session with webcams on. Both parties are able to see reactions and organisations have been pleased to be able to be face to face with their Practitioner
  4. It’s been preferable to allow the assessment to be spread out over a few shorter sessions rather than the full 8 hour days. This allows for some flexibility on both sides and accounts for flexible working hours. It is important to communicate to your practitioner about what would works for you, including regular breaks. 
  5. Just as with face-to-face interviews, we have found it is beneficial to settle into the conversation and start with general chat. This practice puts people at ease before the matrix questions begin! 

Janet Lewis-Jones

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The Growth Company is contracted by the Department for Education to administer and manage the matrix Standard starting on 11th January 2020.