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Hopwood Hall College

This was our first experience of leading on a matrix Assessment from start to finish.
The process was supported by the work of Ceri Wood, our Careers Adviser, who in November 2019 won the National Careers Champion Award, securing nearly 10,000 votes.
Paul Hesp, our Practitioner, was extremely helpful on the lead up to our assessment. He frequently provided links to the resources and the previous monitoring review.
When we received notification that this particular matrix Standard assessment had to be carried out remotely due to the current circumstances, the team felt a little disappointed. All previous matrix Standard assessment have been carried out face to face, however, we felt that the first day of our remote assessment was a success and went particularly well.
Feedback from all the meetings were very positive and we continued in the same vein on day 2.
We used Microsoft Teams to perform the feedback sessions. This way, we could be provided with a three way dialogue during the discussion. 
Who would of thought when we did this with Paul, we would be using this way of communication on a daily basis across the College with both learners and staff! 
Overall, we felt the remote matrix Assessment was a success.
Liz Duncan, Assistant Principal and Ceri Wood, Careers Adviser, Hopwood Hall College, Rochdale

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The Growth Company

The Growth Company is contracted by the Department for Education to administer and manage the matrix Standard starting on 11th January 2020.