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Celebrating Success! December 2021

Lots of organisations have been working hard this month to achieve their accreditations or reaccreditations of the matrix Standard.

Understanding the matrix Standard Review: The first pilot assessment against the BETA version has been completed with Education Development Trust

The first pilot assessment against the BETA version has been conducted with Education Development Trust, Employability and Careers (Education Development Trust) who held the matrix Standard under the current criteria, and now they have successfully achieved accreditation under the newly revised matrix Standard criteria. How did they find the new Standard and what did it mean to them to be part of the process and gain accreditation under the new criteria?

What does the review of the matrix Standard entail and what does it mean for the future of IAG?

Hear from our Executive Steering Group members on what they hope to get out of the revised standard

Youth Voice Census Results 2021

The Youth Voice Census captured data from 14 – 24 year old's across the UK earlier this year. Over 3,400 young people shared their views on a range of issues across education, work, job hunting, the impacts of COVID-19 and much more.

The matrix Standard: Guidance Notes Update September 2021

The Department for Education and ESFA have released new guidance notes for any organisation which receives funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), and deliver information, advice, and guidance either directly, or as part of their provision. The last update of the Guidance notes was in 2014

Congratulations to the National AEB Award 2021 Winners!

Many of the winners hold the matrix Standard accreditation

Introduction to the matrix Standard Webinar 28th September

An introductory webinar for non-accredited Education, Employability and Training organisations.

The revisions to the matrix Standard are gathering pace

As you may be aware the Department for Educations matrix Standard is in its current form 10 years old and we are in the process of updating the Standard for a launch early next year. If your assessment falls due between July and October and you would like to participate in the pilot please let me know between now and the end of July.

CAEHRS partnership opportunity

To support the new £2 billion government fund the DWP are developing a partnership of providers to deliver the contracts with Tier one suppliers. You can be a trusted quality partner by having both a both a matrix Standard and Cyber Essentials accreditation