Those involved in the matrix Standard work alongside, and in partnership with, a wide range of stakeholders and organisations. Developing these relationships is critical in ensuring that individuals get the best help and support when making choices and decisions. These relationships also ensure that through working in partnership, national strategies are developed with ‘joined up’ thinking.


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Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is the government department responsible for building a dynamic and competitive UK economy by: creating the conditions for business success; promoting innovation, enterprise and science, and giving everyone the skills and opportunities to succeed. The Department for Business Innovation and Skills are the owners of the matrixStandard and the Standard is Crown Copyright.

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Skills Funding Agency

The Skills Funding Agency (formally known as the Learning and Skills Council) are an agency of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The Skills Funding Agency fund and regulate adult further education and skills training in England. The matrixStandard works closely with the Skills Funding Agency, ensuring providers offer all clients high quality services.


National Apprenticeship Service

The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) has overall responsibility for Apprenticeships in England.

The NAS has been designed to increase the number of apprenticeship opportunities and provide a dedicated, responsive service for both employers and learners.

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National Careers Service

National Careers Service provides information and advice to support adults in making appropriate decisions on a full range of learning and work opportunities. Access to their advice services can be gained through a contact centre, a website and also a face-to-face service.

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Unionlearn was established by the Trades Union Congress, assists unions in spreading the lifelong learning message all its members. Its mission is:

“We will transform workers life chances through lifelong learning”


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