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If you would like more information before making your decision, please book a phone appointment with one of our trusted advisors who can answer any question you may have.

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Once you have decided to be assessed against the matrix Standard you can book your assessment using our Online Booking Form


Booking and Payment

Once we have received your booking your Assessor will contact you to confirm the cost of your assessment.

You will be sent an invoice which needs to be paid in full prior to the commencement of your assessment.

Planning and Completing Your Assessment

Once your invoice has been paid, your Assessor will get in touch and work with you to plan the assessment including dates and times of the on-site visit, who will be involved in the assessment interviews and locations to be visited.​

Your Assessor will use interviews as the focus of evidence collection, and your assessment will be planned to include interviews with managers, users of your service (for example: clients, customers or learners), staff, volunteers and partner organisations.​

Your Assessor will build in time during their time with you to undertake an opening and closing meeting each day, and a final feedback meeting at the end of your assessment.​

The Assessment Outcome

You will receive a written report which will contain the outcome of your assessment.

​All reports are issued by The Growth Company following our internal checks.​

Report Options

Compact Report: A concise report covering the key areas of the matrix Standard and providing strengths and development areas.

£300 + VAT
Full Report: A comprehensive report covering all elements of the matrix Standard and providing strengths and development areas. Suitable for reviewing IAG practice across a wide range of services to support governance and benchmarking or where there has been significant organisational change and further insight would be useful.

Your matrix assessor will be able to discuss the report options with you and you may change your decision.