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There are some important considerations to be made when choosing an Adviser to help you achieve The matrix Standard and / or develop your information, advice and/or guidance (IAG) service.

  • The Adviser needs to understand The matrix Standard – Many assessors of other Standards including Investors in People, Ofsted, etc. can claim to be able to provide advice, but do not fully understand what The matrix Standard is about.
  • The Adviser needs to be current – Any good Standard is evolving and improving and a good Adviser needs to be abreast with current thinking and requirements coming out of Government as well.
  • The Adviser cannot also be your Assessor – There has to be a clear line demarking providing advice and assessing to ensure that the assessor is not assessing their own advice.

Although not every Assessor is automatically a good Adviser, it is very unlikely that a good Adviser is not also a competent Assessor.  By being an Assessor, the Adviser knows what the Assessor is looking for and can guide you in a meaningful manner.

As a relatively young organisation we were quite daunted with the matrix process at first. However the support and guidance we received from our Adviser was exceptional. It allowed us to consider what we were actually achieving as an organisation and equally key areas of concern for the future as we continued to grow. We embraced the advice we received and updated and changed a series of company processes and systems. This resulted in significant savings for the organisation in terms of financial costs and improved management of company resources and record keeping. It goes without saying we would strongly recommend both the matrix Accreditation system and consultancy expertise of our advisor and assessor.

Total Hospital Training 5th January 2015

When getting advice on how to achieve The matrix Standard, or support in enhancing your IAG service after you have achieved The matrix Standard, it is important that the advice gives you what you need to help your business or organisation grow and develop.  At Assessment Services Ltd we want customers to receive advice that gives you a good chance of meeting the Standard, but also adds value to your business going forward.

Our approach and values are:


We Care…We Assess…We Add Value


Finding and booking an Adviser with Excellence Squared Ltd, parent company to Assessment Services Ltd, ensures that you have the full support of our organisation at all times.

Our Advisory Service Options Include:

  • On-line coaching service (phone, Skype etc) – A tailored service to provide support to the organisation wishing to improve and develop their IAG service. A sounding board for the customer and coaching the customer as you plan and prepare for your assessment.
  • Webinars – To provide a broader knowledge of the Standard and the benefits. To outline the process required to achieve the Standard and how to get started.  It will be about managing expectations of the journey.
  • Inhouse Awareness – This is the same as the half day awareness session, except it can be tailored to the needs of the organisation or the sector it is being presented to.  It can also be expanded to be a day if required. Workshops on the introduction and development of best practice relating to the development of your IAG service can also be delivered.
  • Desk-top Review Activities – Adviser will look at the evidence collated in preparation for the assessment, and conduct a desktop review to ensure sufficient evidence and presentation is correct.
  • Health-check reviews – Carry out a mock assessment or pre-assessment prior to the formal assessment.

To find out about Advisory fees, or to get in touch with an Adviser that suits your business needs and falls under Assessment Services Ltd approach to providing support, please contact:

Call Excellence Squared Ltd on 020 3880 5059 or email info@excellencesquared.com

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