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1st October 2012

The matrix Standard and Continuous Improvement

Following the introduction of the current version of the matrix Standard in 2011, the Standard is now much more rigorous and has a clearer and more defined focus on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).

At present the only opportunity that an organisation has to demonstrate they are embracing and undertaking CQI and gain any further feedback is through their three year review, which for the majority of organisations is with a Registered matrix Assessor (Assessor) they may not have worked with before, or via the services of a Registered matrix Advisor (Advisor).

At the core of the matrix Standard is an expectation that organisations will show a desire to achieve continuous improvement. In order to ensure that matrix accredited organisations maintain rigour and commitment to continuous improvement, the following improvements to the assessment and accreditation services are being applied, as of 1 October 2012;

• In order to further support organisations in their ongoing improvements against the matrix Standard an Assessor that has undertaken either an initial assessment or a review with an organisation will wherever possible remain working with that organisation.

• All organisations booking an assessment (initial or review) from 1 October 2012 onwards that subsequently achieve accreditation, will as part of their conditions of accreditation, be required to demonstrate their continuous improvement activities and the potential impact of these to their Assessor, on an annual basis. This will be undertaken remotely via an online Self Reflection Tool. However, it may also involve dialogue between the organisation and the Assessor. In effect each organisation will update their Self Reflection Tool at least twice prior to their three year review against the matrix Standard.

• In order to support everyone involved, the online Self Reflection Tool has been further developed in order for organisations to record their comments on their improvement activities. Assessors will then be able to record their comments and provide feedback to the organisation.

Please note that no additional fees will be charged on an annual basis for providing this additional service. However for organisations that are accredited to the current version of the Standard; those that have already booked an assessment; or those in the middle of an assessment; this service can be accessed as optional support, if they so wish by contacting emqc Ltd.

For more information please visit the Continuous Improvement Check page.

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