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What is the Internal Champion Programme all about? The matrix Internal Champion Programme is an opportunity for organisations working with the matrix Standard to train one or more of their own employees to understand the Standard so that they can support the organisation in its journey towards re/accreditation. Internal Champions have an opportunity to gain a SFEDI Level 5 Certificate in Understanding and Participating in the matrix Standard Assessment Process and Practice. To gain the 5 qualification, Internal Champions need to demonstrate that they have been able to put their learning into practice by planning and undertaking a review / health-check assessment of their organisation’s information, advice and guidance service against the matrix Standard.

What is the role of emqc? It is emqc’s responsibility to manage and administer the assessment and accreditation process for the matrix Standard. emqc is also a SFEDI centre with responsibility for the assessment and verification of the qualification process.

What development will Internal Champions receive? The Internal Champion Development Programme has the purpose of equipping delegates with the knowledge, skills and confidence to undertake objective and credible review / health check assessments against the matrix Standard within their own organisation – and by doing provide evidence to enable them to achieve a level 5 qualification. The programme delivers a mix of skills and knowledge training, and practical experience, through:

  • Pre-course review of a case study and self-assessment
  • A two-day workshop
  • Undertaking a review / health-check
  • Ongoing support of the Mentor Assessor as agreed with the host organisation

Each delegate receives a workbook containing learning and reference materials to support their Internal Champion role, and a selection of tools and templates to support their achievement of the qualification.

Who is the Mentoring Assessor? The Mentoring Assessor is appointed by emqc to deliver the two-day workshop and support the Internal Champions achieve their qualification. They can also provide any additional training and support required to enable the Internal Champion to fulfil the role as defined by the host organisation.

 Who can become an Internal Champion? Anyone who is employed by the organisation can be trained to understand and carry out the Internal Champion role. Although not exclusively, it is likely that Internal Champions will be employed within large organisations and are trained together to form an Internal Champion team.   Consultants, contractors etc. are not eligible.

I am interested but what decisions does the organisation need to make before training anyone to become an Internal Champion? There are a number of key decisions for the organisation to make before embarking on the Internal Champion Programme. These include thinking through:

  • What specific organisational benefits can be gained from using Internal Champions?
  • What role will the Internal Champions to play within the organisation?
  • Who would be suitable for the role of an Internal Champion, and how will Champions be selected?
  • How many Internal Champions will be trained?
  • Once trained, how much time will be available for the Internal Champions to fulfil the role?
  • What support might be required from the emqc Mentoring Assessor to support the Internal Champions

What does the development programme cost? The cost of the two day development programme, and assessment, quality assurance and certification of the agreed qualification will be charged £1500 + vat per Internal Champion. In-house programme costs are variable depending on the number of delegates.

If we only want to train just one or two Internal Champions are emqc running open programmes during 2015? Yes. Four open programmes are scheduled. They will be run at the Business Centre Beeston, Technology Drive, Beeston, Nottinghamshire NG9 2ND in March, June, September and December 2015. For further information email

Download this information? Internal Champion Development Programme FAQs – 2015

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