Initial Assessment

Assessment against the matrix Standard provides a nationally recognised formal accreditation of information, advice and/or guidance service you deliver as well as providing improvement and development ideas to support you to drive your service forward .

Once you have decided to be assessed against the matrix Standard you will need to book your assessment.  Once Assessment Services Ltd have received your booking your Assessor will contact you to confirm the cost of your assessment.

You will be sent a invoice which needs to be paid in full prior to the commencement of your assessment.

Once your invoice has been paid, your Assessor will get in touch and work with you to plan the assessment including dates and times of the on-site visit, who will be involved in the assessment interviews, locations to be visited etc.

Ultimately your Assessor will use interviews as the focus of evidence collection, and as such your assessment will be planned to include interviews with managers, users of your service (clients, customers, learners etc), staff, volunteers and partner organisations.

Your Assessor will build in time during their time with you to undertake an opening and closing meeting each day, and a final feedback meeting at the end of your assessment.

You will receive a written report which will contain; The outcome of your assessment; A summary of the evidence gathered against the requirements of the Standard; Areas that are working well within your organisation; Areas that would benefit from improvements (if appropriate); Areas that need to further develop and improve in order to meet all the requirements of the Standard.

All reports are issued by Assessment Services Ltd following our internal checks.

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