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While it is included in the ‘Getting Started Pack’ our cancellation policy is also available below. As explained in the full cancellation policy we reserve the right to charge for 100% of planning time if we are informed 30 or more working days before the proposed activity date, for 60% of the total cost of the Assessment if informed between 29 and 10 working days before the proposed activity date, and 100% of the total cost if informed 9 working days or less before the proposed activity date.

Please note that this policy covers activity that is cancelled or postponed. This is due to administration work that will have been undertaken, planning that may have taken place, and also because due to the timescales involved, an assessor – once they have booked time for an assessment – cannot re-fill this time with another assessment if the organisation they were due to assess postpones within the time period specified by the policy.

We also have a Compliments, Comments, Complaints and Appeals Policy. The matrix Standard does not have an Appeals process. However if you have a Compliment, Comment or Complaint, please do send it to us, following the policy, downloadable below.

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