Costing Framework

The following framework should be used for planning a matrix assessment where booking forms are received on or from 1st July 2016. The total fees include the full assessment and the annual Continuous Improvement Checks carried out 12 and 24 months following a successful assessment outcome. For organisations booking a 3-year review assessment there is an opportunity to have a ‘Compact Report’.

The costings below are indicative of assessments of that size.  Please contact our Customer Service Team to get a more tailored costing for your organisation.  Call 020 3880 5059 or email

Scope + Costs 

Number of People Delivering the ServiceTotal Fees £ + Expenses + Vat
1 to 24Due to the size of your organisation please contact our office for a tailored costing 01332 387 900
25 to 50£2,400.00
51 to 99£2,700.00
100 to 149£3,000.00
150 to 199£3,600.00
200 to 249£3,900.00
250 to 349£4,200.00
350 +Due to the size of your organisation, please contact our office to get a better idea of costs. Call 01332 387 900

Planning Guidance – Things to Think About

It is oPost it notesften not until the Assessor has had an in-depth conversation with the organisation that a full understanding of all of the factors which can affect the scope of an assessment can be ascertained.

If, during the initial planning discussions with your Assessor, it becomes clear that your organisation is more complex than originally identified, and / or has multiple services that are to be included in the assessment and / or has a large geographical spread etc., the Assessor can recommend to us what additional on-site time they believe will be required to fulfil a robust assessment (over and above that suggested by the framework above). We will discuss the rationale behind the request and work with the Assessor to agree the revised scope.

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Expenses charged to the Customer 

The following expenses can be charged by an Assessor. Please note your Assessor will use the information to work out their expenses and will provide you with an overall figure which will be added to the cost of your assessment.

Zone 1 – England & WalesCapped at £100 per day and may include:

  • Standard rail travel/public transport
  • Mileage at 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles each financial year (then at 25p per mile above 10,000 miles)
  • Oyster card up to £20 per on-site day
  • Hotel / bed and breakfast costs (please note, these costs cannot be charged for the night before or on the last day of an Assessment, unless in exceptional circumstances which must be agreed in advance with Assessment Services Ltd)

Zone 2 – Scotland / Northern Ireland: Actual cost of travel i.e. economy flights and accommodation costs at a maximum of £80 per night can be claimed.

Zone 3 – Rest of the World: Actual cost of travel i.e. economy flights and reasonable (3*) accommodation costs can be claimed.

Please note that taxi fares will not automatically be reimbursed, but may be when they, together with public transport costs are less than would be incurred if the client is charged 0.45p per mile. The purchase of meals and car parking charges will not be reimbursed.

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