Case Studies

We have a number of Case Studies for the matrix Standard. To read them and see how the Standard has helped other organisations, just click on the name of the organisation.


matrix – Our Story – Careers Inc Ltd

matrix – Our Story – Doncaster West Development Trust

matrix – Our Story – Eagles Consultancy Ltd

matrix – Our Story – Employment Services (BID Services)

matrix – Our Story – GGT Solutions

matrix – Our Story – Lambeth College

matrix – Our Story – Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service’s Community Safety Department

matrix – Our Story – Peterborough Regional College

matrix – Our Story – Rock House Training Ltd

matrix – Our Story – Supporting Schools


The University of Salford

Baldwin Training Centre

University of Hull

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Assessment Services Ltd stands alone as a BOUTIQUE ASSESSMENT CENTRE delivering assessments against quality standards. Our aim is to understand what our Stakeholders aim to achieve and the benefits the quality standard can achieve in any given industry sector. We aim to deliver a boutique style of service for quality standards to improve standards in their sectors.
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